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The Center for Thermal Oncology is an advanced comprehensive cancer treatment center specializing in hyperthermia treatment. Hyperthermia (also known as “thermal therapy”) is a means of using heat to treat cancer. It is used primarily with radiation therapy. Our physicians also pair it with chemotherapy and sometimes a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. The heat is administered by a hyperthermia machine, which uses ultrasound (sound waves), microwaves or another form of energy to create heat within the tumor.

Hyperthermia is shown to have significantly greater results when used in combination with radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy. Hyperthermia can and has doubled patients’ response rate repeatedly, as one of the multiple benefits of hyperthermia is improvement of the immune system.

Heat generated by hyperthermia helps to sensitize cancer cells to radiation therapy, thereby making your radiation treatments significantly more effective than if given alone. The two therapies work together to fight the growing cancer cells. Heat also prevents the cancer cells from repairing the cancer-damaging effects of radiation.

Hyperthermia does not carry the unpleasant side effects usually experienced with most conventional treatments. In fact, most patients experience no side effects during hyperthermia treatments.

The Center for Thermal Oncology takes great pride in treating each individual patient based upon their specific needs to enhance treatment results, recognizing the benefits of meeting distinctive physical, emotional and spiritual requirements. Our beautiful facility combines recent technological advancements in conjunction with organic and holistic products and services. Our experienced staff is dedicated to working with our patients and their families to ensure the greatest benefits and care during this challenging time.

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