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see usIt is a scientific fact, proven by randomized clinical studies, that Hyperthermia improves response rate for some cancers by as much as 44% or more than the standard radiation therapy without any additional side effects. (1,2*) Based on more than 30 years of clinical success and scientific studies Hyperthermia is a very powerful and effective therapy for cancers.

Recognizing its effectiveness, we have developed a very unique cancer treatment program focused on using Hyperthermia in combination with modern radiation therapy and/or innovative chemotherapy to achieve response rates of two times or more than the standard cancer therapies, with no additional side effects (2,5)

A newly diagnosed cancer patient typically is required to see multiple physicians from different specialties and then on to a radiology center as as well as a lab center for testing. In the course of this, some of the information can be lost or misplaced and it can become a very frustrating experience for the patient who is already under tremendous stress.

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